Tutorial AdaptiveΒΆ

Adaptive is a package for adaptively sampling functions with support for parallel evaluation.

This is an introductory notebook that shows some basic use cases.

adaptive needs at least Python 3.6, and the following packages:

  • scipy

  • sortedcollections >= 1.1

  • sortedcontainers >= 2.0

  • atomicwrites

Additionally adaptive has lots of extra functionality that makes it simple to use from Jupyter notebooks. This extra functionality depends on the following packages

  • ipython

  • ipykernel>=4.8.0

  • jupyter_client>=5.2.2

  • holoviews>=1.9.1

  • ipywidgets

  • bokeh

  • matplotlib

  • plotly

We recommend to start with the Tutorial Learner1D.


Because this documentation consists of static html, the live_plot and live_info widget is not live. Download the notebooks in order to see the real behaviour.