adaptive.notebook_integration module#

adaptive.notebook_integration.in_ipynb() bool[source]#
adaptive.notebook_integration.live_info(runner, *, update_interval=0.5)[source]#

Display live information about the runner.

Returns an interactive ipywidget that can be visualized in a Jupyter notebook.

adaptive.notebook_integration.live_plot(runner, *, plotter=None, update_interval=2, name=None, normalize=True)[source]#

Live plotting of the learner’s data.

  • runner (Runner) –

  • plotter (function) – A function that takes the learner as a argument and returns a holoviews object. By default learner.plot() will be called.

  • update_interval (int) – Number of second between the updates of the plot.

  • name (hasable) – Name for the live_plot task in adaptive.active_plotting_tasks. By default the name is None and if another task with the same name already exists that other live_plot is canceled.

  • normalize (bool) – Normalize (scale to fit) the frame upon each update.


dm – The plot that automatically updates every update_interval.

Return type:


adaptive.notebook_integration.notebook_extension(*, _inline_js=True)[source]#

Enable ipywidgets, holoviews, and asyncio notebook integration.